About Us

Om shiv gorakhnath jaharveer goga trust

Who am I?

Myself Rajeev Singh. Our total revered God is Jahar Baba. I used to go to Bagar with parents. From Jahar Baba, and from the society I have learned that there is no big service from the service of society, hence the desire to serve society has awakened. Since 1990, I have been engaged in social service. Baba Gorakh Nath, Baba Jahar Veer, and the grace of Paramatma, I should continue lifelong social service and with the blessings of Baba Ji. работа в москве > I started Bhandara in Bagh. The first Bhandara, which started in 2002, was one day and now it is in the Goga Medi (Rajasthan) in the month of Bhadro, one week per year, job lot near me

Guru ji rajeev nath
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About the Trust

Our Trust is based in B-46, street number 2, Kardam Farm, Jolhripur, Delhi – 110094

This is a heartfelt desire of Mary / Rajiv Singh that in the society, permanent human welfare, happiness, peace, organization, harmony, faith A public charitable trust should be set up to establish fearlessness, independence, virtue, education, health, longevity etc. to establish excellent and ideal qualities. Collect all the tools needed to fulfill these objectives (and the objectives described in ‘Section 4. Main Purpose’ of this Trust). I provide 1100 / – (eleven hundred) in its manufacture.

All income of the trust will be used for the purpose of non-partisanship in the fulfillment of the objectives of the trust. It will not involve any such work which is meant to earn a personal benefit of any trustee of this trust.

Main Objectives of the Trust

  1. To create a sense of mutual cooperation and unity in place of mutual differences, violence, racism, and gender discrimination and arrangement to provide legal aid when needed.
  2. Establish research centers for research on various topics of education and provide all possible
  3. assistance. Organizing essays, art, and cultural events from time to time in the up enlistment of literature, art, and Indian culture.
  4. To publicly honor the meritorious students and students and distinguished teachers who have established special dimensions in the field of education and provide them with a proven letter.
  5. Providing free or concerted education to students belonging to very poor families and students and children with disabilities.
  6. To set up various training centers for the teaching of typing, shorthand, computer, art, craft, painting, modeling, music, dance, physical education, and yoga, etc. and financially helping these training centers and they are smoothly Conducting
  7. To marry married women of widows, ex-servicemen, and poor families, or to assist as well as possible and motivate the common people to donate in this regard.
  8. Keeping in mind the neglected attitude of the society towards women, establishing a “Women’s Help Center” for women, who are capable of doing every possible help to the sufferers / oppressed/distressed women.
  9. For the use of the general public, to build and organize orphan ashram yoga-viyayam ashram, sadhana center, toilets, piau, library, dispensary, and night-shelter, etc.
  10. Provide medical, food, housing, traffic, and other supplies to victims and provide all possible assistance during natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake or storm.
  11. Receiving financial and technical support from national and international level government and non-governmental organizations.
  12. Trust can take loans at any bank, institution, finance institute, trust, company, or firm with reasonable interest.
  13. Organizing cultural activities from time to time.
  14. To publish and distribute newsletters, magazines, books, and souvenirs.
  15. Perform other such other relevant functions that are helpful/relevant in the fulfillment of the above objectives.
  16. From time to time religious arrangements, the arrangement of accommodation, distribution of food, and distribution of food.
  17. Collect material for Bhandara and get donations.
  18. To build cow shocks, to cooperate, to provide assistance.
  19. All income and wealth of the trust will be incurred as per section 11 (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  20. All income received from the movable or immovable property of the Trust shall be fully utilized and utilized for the purpose of achieving the objectives and goals of the Trust, and any benefit of this will be made by the trustor current or outgoing trusts of the trust or by claiming through current or outgoing trustees Any one or more persons who are not paid will not be paid or will not get any benefit or trust in some way No member of the Trust shall make any personal claim on any movable or immovable property of the Trustor will not receive any kind of benefit based on the membership of the trust.